This is a series of Youth Ministry Hacks to help youth workers get more out of their day. Want quick, practical tips to help you strengthen your ministry? This is the place! Here is today’s youth ministry hack:

Start Your Day with Jesus
OK, this one seems a little obvious, even insulting to have to mention it to youth workers. But here’s what it’s important: many youth workers don’t spend time with God. We talk about it to our students as a habit to develop, and we’ve “mastered the mask” ourselves so people think we walk with Jesus, but we know better in our heart. How can we make Jesus the center of our work day? Put Him there at the start. When you drive to the church office, take an extra 5m in your car before you go inside.

Once you go inside, it’s over. The secretary hands you a stack of papers to fill out, your voice mail lists calls to return and there’s whatever drama to unpack. It’s over once you go in, your work day has started and you’re off and running. But if you steal a minute or two on the front end, commit your day and your way to Jesus, that’s the type of youth worker your church needs and your teenagers deserve. So put on a worship song and savor those 3 minutes before you show up. Keep a devotional in your glovebox. Steal a minute to center on Jesus, then walk in the office door.

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