I didn’t really get a chance to let people know we were headed out for a quick trip – it’s not something I like to advertise until we’re coming home anyhow though. So yes, Andy and I have been on another adventure together – that’s 4 trips in 5 weeks, people.

We visited YDesigns, an internet integrating company here in Ashville, North Carolina that cranks out ecommerce websites and is taking our dreams and making them a reality. We met thier team, had some delicious meals and launched this massive project. Great people, very generous and fun! Reinventing a website is no easy task, and migrating everything over is a job all in itself. Plus, Andy and I are a bit crazy for upgrades, tweaks and best practices – our goal is that the new site will sing.

So we’ll see, we’re setting the timeline to BETA in mid-October with the full rollout mid-November. Keep your fingers crossed and look out!