Watched X-Men 3 with new dad Matt Hall and soon to be dad again Leigh Sarti. Pretty good film, really I was wowed by a couple of great action scenes than the overall movie. I think there’s a couple of really solid moments in the film, surrounded by a bit too much drama for my taste. It never seemed to break the pace – we’re moving toward the last stand the entire time! But, the “house scene” is utterly amazing, and though it gets a bit “Matrixy” at times near the end the film is still a fairly good time. I think the President was horribly cast, and I hated the way (spoiler deleted) dies. Of course, does anyone REALLY die in X-Men? Apparently not, especially if you stayed for the scene after the credits.

In the fight scenes, Wolverine really shined, which makes him an ideal candidate for a spinoff movie and less of the whole team and a mutant soap. Could have been great, but Bryan Singer was too busy making Superman. I’ll give this film a 6.5 …

If you saw the film, post reaction/counterpoint, too!