If you’re not at the Willow Leadership Summit this week, perhaps you’de love to get a scoop on some of the learnings from someone who is blogging it. Enter Tony Morgan. Here’s a clip from his first entry:

Leaders in their early 20s usually have lots of “stupid stories” to share. But, he explained, “I had a heart that was full on for God.” Bill explained that he loved God and wanted to do something significant with his life. That was enough to fuel him. God is looking for some “young Kingdom fool” to do something great. “Stay wild young leaders.” One ingredient for a leader is a fired up heart.

Leaders cannot exist on passion alone. Followers can only take so much heart and heat. Eventually, they want to know if there’s a plan. They want to know if the leader is just trying to use them or if there’s going to be a true relational connection. A second ingredient for leaders is skill. You have to be disciplined about developing your leadership skills. If you have been given the spiritual gift of leadership, you have been mandated to stretch your skills.

Bill challenged us to:

1. Read everything you can on improving your leadership.
2. Go where leadership is taught.
3. Get around leaders that are better than you and ask them questions.
4. Keep leading something.