We must be people who examine what we think is true.

Behind every action is a truth believed. It is impossible to do anything without believing a particular truth. You turn the key because you believe it’ll start the car. You sit in a chair believing it’ll hold you. Behind every good action is a good truth. Behind every bad action is a bad truth. This is a simple way to understand life, but its valuable for the spiritual life.

What is humanity’s problem? The world is filled with pain and injustice, how can you account for it? Our problem is sin, which means separation from God. This results in pride, our attitude which says, “I don’t need God.” Our sin problem is a pride problem, which is also a truth problem. Our broken image prideful says, “I get to say what is right and what is wrong?”

Remember the tree in the Garden? It as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Since eating that fruit, people have been deciding for themselves what is good and what is evil, and we’ve been rejecting what God has to say about these things.

Every human has a capacity to judge. It is a defining trait. Where would you put these on your scale of good and bad: the color red, chocolate cake, mini-van, democrat/republican, the Raiders, American idol. . .

To be human is to judge and assign value. We cannot forget our brokenness. We are often wrong. On the most important things, we are more often wrong.

How many people “know” what it takes to for them to be happy? Why are most of them so far from happiness it’s heartbreaking?

Our thinking is broken, and it must be fixed. In Christ this is possible. On our own, we are a hopeless mix of myths, lies, and self-deceptions. Growing spiritually means changing our minds to be more like God.

I want to ABNORMALIZE my thinking and become more like Christ.