I read an interesting “top 10” list from Thom Shultz about what he wishes from church leaders as a pew-sitter. It got me thinking about what teenagers might write about youth ministries. That would be an interesting experiment for a teenager to take on. If you do it, send it my way, if not…I’ll ask one of the teenagers from our youth ministry.

Here’s a few from Thom’s list below. I liked some but definitely didn’t agree with them all…and, apparently other leaders didn’t either (the comments were fun/interesting to read).

1. Banish the “stand and greet your neighbor” time in the worship service. I know your intentions are good, but it’s forced, fruitless and goofy.

2. Forget everything they taught you about three-point sermons. You’re wildly successful if you can get across one point. Just one point. Then sit down.

5. Crank down the volume of the band. Allow us to actually hear the voices of the flock.

8. Let us participate. Entertain our questions—during the service. Let the real people around us tell how God is working in their lives.

10. Get rid of the pews. Really.

What do you think your target audience might want you to change about your ministry?