I was reading Proverbs 1 today, and here are a few thoughts:

God wants us to be wise!
God wants us to know his heart, to hear his thoughts.

She cries out in the public places, because God wants to share wisdom with everyone, he’s not saving it for a selected few.

Those who shun wisdom are called simple, mocker, and foolish. Their problem wasn’t their mistakes. They have failed to listen to God, and he will not save them from the consequences of their choices. If a choice doesn’t have a consequence, it’s not really a choice. It’s something far less than God’s love for us. He will not force us to choose him, nor will he “fix” all of our decisions so that we end up with him in spite of our decision.

Wisdom is listening to God: accepting his encouragements, teachings, and rebukes. Wisdom is not a collection of facts, instead it is a heart turned towards God.





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