Moving is hard enough … but here’s a true story that is happening to a friend of mine as we speak. If/when he blogs about it, I’ll be sure to post the link here. For right now though, here’s the story:

We have some friends who are connected to our PDYM community who are taking a HUGE step of faith. He is so eager to learn from the PDYM model as a pastor, that he and his wife decided to relocate their family (they have three young kids) from Ohio to California in order that they could play a role either as a volunteer or intern in our student ministry. This is the good part of the story!

The bad/sad part of the story is this…

On their way out here this week their U-haul was stolen while they slept in a hotel last night in Vegas and they now have NOTHING! No beds for their three kids, no furniture for their newly-rented condo, no clothes expect those that were with them in the hotel — nothing. No memories, no keepsakes, no pictures – nothing. Everything they owned was packed on that U-haul.

Here is where you could help…If you have anything you would like to lend/give to them that would help them furnish their home or clothe their family please let me know. Or if you know of any other individuals or small groups who would like to care for and bless this family in any way, either through donations or meals or more importantly prayer please pass this on. You can only imagine how defeated they feel as they start over in a whole new place with none of their belongings. Pray that they get some info on the missing U-haul and that the police are able to track down their missing stuff.

They’re scheduled to get into town in the next few hours … just thought I should spread the word. That’s a really rough start to a new life.