There are so many great things about the DYM Gold Membership, and nobody knows that more than DYM Members themselves. Here’s what a few of them had to say about it:

“You spend a little bit each month and you get resources that make you a better youth pastor…you get to engage with the students in your student ministry and focus on them and make them a priority.”

Kyle Nieman | DYM Member since Dec 2013

“The amount of material you get for price of membership is beyond expectation.”

Ken Leslie | DYM Member since April 2012

“The quality is such a big win.”

Derry Prenkert | DYM Member since Aug 2013

“It’s the cheapest way to look good.”

Allison Williams | DYM Member since Feb 2012

“All the excess administration that take up your time is taken care of…with the DYM resources.”

Frank Gil | DYM Member since Jan 2013

What’s Included?
DYM Gold Members get NINE things EVERY MONTH:

• $20 in store credit—EVERY MONTH you get your money back to use on anything you want in the DYM Store…no joke…that’s worth the price of membership right there!

• SIX NEW downloadable resources: a game, a video, a 10-minute video volunteer training, a 20-minute audio mentoring file, curriculum to develop Student Leaders, AND a bonus mystery item.

PLUS unrestricted access to the DYM Games app, DYM Newsletter Builder, and DYM Text. All three apps are available exclusively to DYM Members!

Become a DYM Member Today!

Gold Rush Contest

Become a DYM Gold Yearly Member anytime in the month of January and, in addition to all of the amazing things listed above, you’ll be entered to win one of three INCREDIBLE prizes in our Gold Rush 2017 contest:

1st PrizeA FREE Registration to DYM100. You’ll be the first to be officially registered for this exclusive event. No need to panic about getting one of only 100 spots available—yours will be guaranteed!
What is DYM100? Learn more. It’s definitely one youth ministry event you won’t want to miss!

2nd Prize$250 in DYM Store Credit. Who doesn’t love free money?

3rd PrizeStolen from Doug’s office. There are still unopened Christmas gifts in there…we’ll send you one.

Become a DYM Member Today!