Well … this is it! The new youth ministry blog from Josh Griffin, Doug Fields and some amazing friends. This blog will be exploding every week with incredible youth ministry content, videos, contests and challenges. We’re really looking forward to this becoming a place you’ll want to frequent (there’s a reason Josh had the #1 blog in youth ministry for several years–he built the wildly popular More Than Dodgeball blog and now he’s redirecting his focus with new enthusiasm as a respected voice, thought-leader and practitioner.

Here’s the plan: Josh will be blogging non-stop. We know… we’re not sure how he does it either… but the dude just lives and breathes youth ministry and helping youth workers online. Oh yeah… Doug Fields, the youth ministry Yoda of the past 2 decades, will be the co-author on this blog. We know… we’re excited too!

In addition to these two fellas–look for great monthly content from respected youth ministry leaders: Kara Powell, Duffy Robbins, Walt Mueller and Albert Tate (who will be writing about youth ministry from a senior pastor position). Our other contributors are no slouches either–you’ll see regular posts from experienced bloggers Neely McQueen (girls’ ministry advocate), Chris Wesley (our Catholic friend), Geoff Stewart (our Canadian friend), Shellie Hochstetler (our parent’s ministry guru) and several others who are lining up to participate. We’re going to hit every youth ministry angle–from rookies to veterans, from small church to big, from volunteer to paid.

Now, it’s your turn to be part of the action…

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