I think one of the most overlooked area in student ministry is the volunteer process. Sometimes I think people are afraid of having a little bit of structure and certain bars for leaders to hit in order to have an effective volunteer team and too many people just let any warm body come and serve and then are super frustrated when their leaders are not doing what they want to them to do.

My philosophy when it comes to leaders and on-boarding volunteers, I would want them know to know EXACTLY what they are getting into and EXACTLY what is expected of them if they were to join our team. This only sets them up for better success in serving with us and it allows for correcting conversations to happen easier if there needs to be one.

When someone turns in application, it will take about a month to be “official” on our team. We have an application (you can find that at ccvsocal.com/students) and 2 sits downs with our staff. One at the beginning before we invite them to the service and once after they shadow for 3 weeks. For us, it has helped set the expectations up front, gives them a good look at to what we expect as leaders and makes the system run smooth in setting up and training people.

Here is the inside look:

1st Sit Down:

  • Hear some of their story. Ask why they want to serve in student ministry.
  • Run through the whole on boarding process with them (in the application)
  • Give them a run down of the ministry
    • What a night looks like
    • Decide if they will start in JH or HS
    • What areas we have to serve: Service leader, growth group leaders, or both
  • Walk them through DYM University
    • Add them to gain access
    • Explain they need to complete Course 101 before they have our 2nd sit down
  • Answer any questions they have
  • Invite them to come on the next Wednesday night
  • Make sure you set up someone for them to shadow for the next 3 weeks

2nd Sit Down:

  • Ask them about the last 3 weeks of shadowing and how it was for them.
  • Let them ask any questions based on what they saw.
  • Ask them and discuss Course 101 of DYMU
    • What did they learn? What stood out?
  • Find out what area they want to serve in?
    • JH or HS
    • Do they want to lead a growth group?
  • Add them to the Facebook Leaders Group
  • Add their info to the Leader Google Doc
  • Challenge them to continue to finish the DYMU course by: _________
  • Give them their leader shirts
  • Give them their name tag

How do you on-board your leaders? we would love to hear!