Three weeks ago I presented 4 different potential logos that were part of our Understanding Your Teenager Seminar redesign. You voted (over 190 votes)…and, you killed our choices (i.e. “Nice 90’s clipart”… “the names are more creative than the logos”… “go back to the drawing board”).

We listened! We asked our graphic artist to take another crack and would love you to chime in.

The winner of the last view, vote & win (part 2) was Elizabeth Mia Peters, who was randomly chosen, and gets to choose $100 worth of product from the HomeWord bookstore.

Here we go again…if you want to vote and have a chance for $100 of product…chime in:

We’ll call this one: Zippy-the-giant

We’ll call this one: Layla-the-magician

We’ll call this one: Gomer-the-enneagram

We’ll call this one: Skyler-the-MacBurgler

We’ll call this one: Skyler-the-MacBurgler CopyCat

Post your vote here.

BTW: if you’re interested in having Jim Burns or myself or someone on our team present this seminar for your church/community/etc… contact [email protected]

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