• don’t ask two questions in one email, one or none will get answered. I forget this UN-MUTABLE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE all the time … #
  • can you imagine getting a letter like this from your hero? http://bit.ly/4pO0KK #
  • put together a page with some of my favorite posts: http://bit.ly/4wwXim (got this idea from another site and I thought it was a good one) #
  • @joshuagriffin I expect to see you in pants when you and I meet. in reply to joshuagriffin #
  • anyone not have a google wave invite yet? email me at [email protected] if you want one. #googlewave #
  • so sad to be missing the podcast 2 wks in a row.Headed to idaho for vacation in McCALL.Think it’s being recorded at 8:15A @crd55 can confirm #

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