A parent complains about ______________ (insert event name here)

  • summer camp
  • youth group
  • communication
  • one of your leaders
  • other

When faced with that situation, normally you _________________(insert typical response here)

  • ignore it
  • just hope it goes away
  • pacify them enough to stop the bleeding
  • help them resolve the situation
  • care for them and followup with them a week later, too

Angry-Customers-7.3.12We’ve all failed at this situation – a parent complains and we do just enough to make it stop and move on. Take any more time and it will derail your plans and the momentum you’ve got going. Be distracted by it any more and it will only encourage others to speak up about their discontent. Do the bare minimum to make the mutual frustration go away.

Been there, done that … trying to do it differently.

What if you gave that extra 10% beyond resolving a conflict with a parent and helped them become a raging fan? What additional effort would it take on your part to help them move from pacified to passionate? What little slice of the vision could be shared that would help them see the strategy behind the call you made?

Minimal effort made here yields maximum results. Work hard this week turning critics into fans!