It’s that odd week between Christmas and New Years where nothing much happens.  Teenagers are away for break, people are on vacation and you are left with something that seems rare…FREE TIME.

The temptation is to get on Netflix, binge watch a few shows, eat all those cookies and space out until it’s time to get back to work.  While all of that seems great in the short term it’s not going to set you up for the New Year.  Before you put your feet up and shutdown, try something new this week like:


Outside of vacation there has never been a better time to pick up a book and get lost in a story  Whether or not it’s fiction a good book will take your imagination to a new level.

It will encourage you to think and even approach your work a little differently, which is probably something you need right now.


It’s easy to stay inside during this week, especially if the weather is a little challenging.  Exploring some place new will help you with a new perspective.  With a new perspective you might be able to approach problems and situations a little differently.


It’s normal during the holidays to connect with friends or family, but make it intentional to connect with people who will build you up.  Find people who you feel good when you are around them.  Invite them out for a cup of coffee, grab a movie or just hang out together.

Allow their presence to be a reminder that you are never alone.  In fact if it’s someone you can pray with even better.


Even though Advent is a season of preparing it can be filled with so much noise.  Take the next few days turning off the noise and just listening to God.  Use your time with God to:

  • Discover what’s been on your heart.
  • Set big, bold and audacious goals for the new year.
  • Rest and allow Him to refuel you.

The more you listen the more prepared you’ll be when you have to get back into ministry.

Don’t let these days go by with the blink of an eye.  Take the time to do something a little different to kick start the next year with a new approach.  It just might be what your ministry needs.

What do you do to refuel during this time of year?