I’m a pretty ambitious guy. I like to get things done and I love taking on a challenge of pushing an organization and people to the next level. It really is one of my favorite things. Over the past month in my new position I have slowly been casting some vision of where we as a ministry are going. I first sat down with my team and we chatted about the future and this past weekend we rolled out the vision with our volunteers at a BBQ at my house and then at Fall Kick Off with our students.

I’m a dreamer, I love to see how things can be. The hard part is getting to that point. We need to think big but start small. It’s the only way we are going to be able to take the necessary steps to reach our vision. Here are some things I have been wrestling with with why it’s important to start small instead of shooting for the moon right off the bat.

1. Gives you more confidence to move forward. Baby steps. When we can focus on the small things and get those dialed in, it creates instant wins and gives us the boost we need to take on the bigger things. The successful ministries around us are that way because they are lead by very dedicated and faithful people who consistantly take the next steps. A great way to get started to find out what problem everyone agrees needs to change and then offer to lead on taking it on. 

2. Gets you focused and priority setting. You cannot have seven key issues that you are focusing on and expect to execute it well. Starting small allows you to pick one and take it one. This year, we are laser focusing on our midweek programs to get them to the best possible spot I know they can be. We are still doing everything else, but we are working hard and focused on one thing and then when we feel it reached a point of success in our minds, we will move to the next thing.

3. Gives you the ability to create steps to get you where you need to be. Starting small gets us ready for the next steps. If you can’t be trusted with a small amount of money, who’s going to trust you with a lot of money? As leaders, we can see what things can and should be instead of just focusing on what is there now. But we can’t reach where it can be until we know what the process is to get there. Start small and qualify yourself and your ministry for the next big step. 

What are the next small steps that you need to take in your ministry to reach your vision and goal? What are you doing this week to make sure you are completely the small steps first?