For 5+ years we’ve put together a Youth Ministry blog (over 215 episodes) and with all the changes… NOTHING is changing about the podcast! Well, except the name and the location and a couple sponsors… oh yeah, we’ll also be steaming our live show. But, ALL of the changes will make a better product for you!

Right now, we’re in the process of converting the episodes that we called “The Youth Ministry Garage” into our new podcast world that we’re calling, “The Download Youth Ministry Show.” Doug’s wife (Cathy) finally got tired of taking up spaced in her garage and kicked them out (truth be told, she really got tired of Josh eating all their food and Matt not flushing the toilet. Katie never did anything wrong). Starting soon, this very space will become the new homepage for our semi-weekly podcast.

If you are subscribed in iTunes everything stays the same!

Big thanks to our amazing sponsors who continue to shower us with support to keep the show going:

Our primary, big-daddy sponsor who basically powers our show is Youth Specialties… (that’s why we say, “Powered by…” Clever, huh?). Our other great sponsors are:

And, we’re proud to welcome our newest sponsor: Operation Christmas Child! As always, please show a little love to our sponsors.

One more change– a small dream came true for us… we have a beverage sponsor for the first time in show history! Who is it? The palette of drinks is on it’s way and will be revealed soon!

A new studio is being formed that will become the NEW home for the show. But for now, you can get the latest shows – and soon all 219 episodes – right here!