We’re starting a pretty innovative idea this weekend. We’re hosting a discipleship class on Sunday morning. I realize that some of you might have heard of an idea like this before, and may have called it Sunday School. But I assure you this is something completely different and like nothing you’ve seen before.

Just kidding, it is exactly like Sunday School! But our church hasn’t had a Sunday School-like program in a decade – so this “new” idea isn’t new at all to churches across America – but to us it is fresh and exciting. We’ve got a ton of students signed up to come to church an hour early and go through a great new Sticky Faith book from the Fuller Youth Institute called Can I Ask That?

Here are a few things I’m hoping you take away from this:

1) New ideas are good.
2) Refreshed, old-but-good ideas can feel like new after time.
3) Don’t get hung up on traditions or innovation. All you need to care about is effectiveness.

Here’s hoping The Study is a wild success!