• I’m all in… meaning I use most of these social media mediums.
  • I’m constantly frustrated… meaning I compete with most of these mediums for my family/friends attention.
  • I’m blown away… meaning I can’t believe that I grew up without a mobil phone and now I operate a lot of my life and most of business on it.
  • I’m fascinated… meaning I think a lot about the future of social and wonder how it will impact my life.

As a parent, youth worker, and communicator I’ve been sucked into the world of social media–whether it be Instagram (@dougfields), Twitter (@dougfields) or YouTube (‘Gangnam Style’ hits over 1 billion views). I don’t know what 2013 social media tool will be most hopeful (I’m hoping www.downloadyouthministry.com), but chances are good there will be a 15-17 year old who mentions it, then answers my questions, then signs me up.

Here’s a year in review thanks to The Seo Company.

The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company


Question: What do you think is the future of social media in 2013? Thoughts here.