Have you ever heard the phrase, “that person has a magnetic personality?” I think there’s a LOT to process in that sentiment – but I think we can all admit that most effective leaders are powerfully magnetic people! Think about it – in one sense you are pulling people toward you or pushing people away from you all of the time. Beyond charisma, what specific traits are really magnetic? Here are a few of the things that I think really stand out:

Positive // Negative Attitude
Both positive and negative attitudes are incredibly magnetic! A positive attitude helps others believe, it helps your followers see clearly in the darkness, it gives people hope. One of the greatest gifts you can give your team is a positive attitude. There are already enough negative people out there (probably some serving on your elder board). You probably know a specific terribly bitter person in your church: they’ve just been hurt one too many times so they feel the need to attack. They kill good ideas. They do their best to infect others with their pessimism. Both sides of attitude are magnetic.

Clear // Unclear Vision
Unity isn’t just bringing people together for a common cause, it is rallying people to a vision for what could be. It is standing back to back, fighting the enemy off. It is crossing the line in the sand and drawing your weapons to fight the enemy, not each other. Pick unity and you’ll find people pulled toward you. If the vision isn’t clear, people interpret it on their own, they poke holes. Both sides of vision are magnetic.

Fun and Laughter // Somber and Boring
Have fun with your people. Drop everything every so often to just have a good time. Plan a game night. Watch a classic movie together. A good belly laugh, a good laugh that goes all of the way to tears – your people will feel the pull of leadership magnetism. You’ve probably felt it before when you first came on the team you’re on now. Laugh again! Change the office culture. It attracts great people.

Leave another one in the comments! What kind of magnetism is coming from you today?