The Register had an interesting article about the history of PDL, with some behind the scenes info I haven’t heard before. Interesting side note, I’m actually reading Pyro Marketing, the book that’s references in the article:

It was the onerous chore he avoided for months: Write the book.

It was to be a sequel to an earlier book, “The Purpose-Driven Church,” a church-growth primer that sold a surprising 1 million copies. Now his publisher was on the phone, asking Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren for his next best-seller.

“Rick kept putting them off,” his brother, Jim Warren, says. “It was always, ‘I’m too busy with the church.’ ” His publisher persisted, however, and Warren retreated to his book-crammed study and started typing.

“I think when he began to actually write the book, maybe then — he knew,” says sister Chaundel Holladay.

Knew that the manuscript he emerged with after seven months of 12-hour days would sell not a mere million copies, but millions. Today, that book — “The Purpose-Driven Life” — is a publishing and cultural phenomenon, with more than 25 million copies in circulation, its catchphrases (“you are not an accident”) excerpted on everything from wall calendars to Starbucks coffee cups, and life-saving miracles attributed to its faith-based message.