Spiritual warfare is not real. All spiritual warfare is are angels and demons running around with the bad acting of Keanu Reeves in the movie Constantine…NOT. This is not the case. Whether you believe it or not there is a battle going on for your soul, and it is vicious. But we need not to worry. Do you want to know why? Keep reading.

The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies. I am not a huge comic book movie fan, but Heath Ledger playing the Joker is unreal and the whole story behind it is incredible. The Dark Knight is the classic “Good vs. Evil” plot. Both ends are on equal playing fields trying to stop the other from either destroying the city or saving someone. Both sides have an equal chance of winning but because it is the movies the good guys usually win.

I think this is the way we think of the idea of spiritual warfare.

Whoa Justin! Spiritual warfare? You are kidding. That is not a real thing right? Satan is a liar and con artist and I believe his most successful lie, his most successful con of all time, is to get people to believe that he is not real and this whole idea of spiritual warfare is just a joke. Well, if you have never heard of spiritual warfare, or you feel like there is an inner struggle going on within you right now, I cannot stress enough that right now there is a battle going on for your soul. There is a battle going on right now for your love, attention and affection. We were made to give our love, attention and affection to God but the enemy will do whatever it can to detour you from doing so. Whether through sin, temptation, or business, it will do anything to take your focus off of God. THAT, is spiritual warfare.

With all of this, most people think of spiritual warfare as a really great “Good vs. Evil” movie. That both sides are on equal playing fields and have an equal chance of winning over the other. Fortunately this is not the case when it comes to our God and the enemy. If we look at Scripture at all of the times Jesus interacted with someone who was possessed by a demon or an evil spirit, you will see there is no equality anywhere. The demons are submissive to who Jesus is. Jesus is dominant over them.

Read Luke 4:31-36 and Luke 8:26-33 and notice the language used when Jesus is talking to the evil spirits. Notice how the spirits bowed down, were afraid, and OBEYED what Jesus had to say. There is no equality there. Jesus is superior to them.

If there is battle for our love, attention, affection and our soul, looking at these passages should give us a sense of relief because THE WAR HAS ALREADY BEEN WON through Jesus and what He has done for us on the cross. God is dominant over anything that is trying to detour us away from following Him. The war has already been won but we are still left to fight the daily battle. If we go into a game that we know already what the outcome is going to be, don’t you go in with more confidence? God is dominant over whatever sin, temptation, or battle is going on for your worship, we just need to recognize what He has done through Jesus and the war is over and we can battle daily knowing the outcome overall.

God is bigger than any sin, any struggle that we have. Thank God there is no equal playing field on the battle ground but that He is dominant over anything and everything and carries our soul with tenderness and care.