When I head into a brainstorm meeting, I like to start with a few ground rules like no ideas are bad ideas and don’t go tactical until we land on the plan. But my favorite ground rule of them all: the best idea wins.

The best idea wins. That’s it! Doesn’t matter where the idea came from, who came up with it, or how much extra work we’ll have to do pulling it all off – the best idea is instantly recognizable and instantly wins.

An example we had just today was from a whiteboard filled with ideas for our Back to School youth group kickoff – a few of us were riffing off each other, sharing inspirations and Jimmy Fallon game ideas, when we finally had it. An idea so good we just all looked at each other, quickly wrote it down, and started figuring out execution. The best idea won!

Most people settle for an average idea or the easy idea. Don’t do that. Wait for the best idea. And then you get it, get working on pulling it off. Here’s to your best ideas this week as you plan youth group!