I put together a really simple tool for my small group that I’m calling the Three by Seven. I created this for two reasons: each of the guys to have a solid quiet time on their own, and to set up a conversation next week when we’re all together. I also had a third goal: I want to introduce a couple good practices for studying scripture.

My values for this: (a) easy to use, (b) as open ended as possible, but structured enough to empower each of the guys to have a quiet time.

The Three by Seven is simply a challenge to read a couple verses and then list three questions and seven truths based on that passage. I know, I’m not very clever at naming things…

Not very sophisticated, but hopefully it leads to a significant quiet time for each of the guys. I’ll challenge all of them to have a quiet time, I’ll do the same, and we’ll talk about it next week. I anticipate good conversation, and looking forward to getting together again.

You are welcome to download the PDF (3×7 (John 3.16-17), and if you open it up you’ll discover my below average layout skills and a cheesy clip art.

Post a comment below if you have an idea on how to make this better. I plan on using this for a couple of weeks and would love to hear any feedback.