Even MTV doesn’t air everything that happens live at the awards show. Here’s a few of the lowlights that didn’t make the final cut:

Borat Sagdiyev had another few off-color jokes about Jessica Simpson. Althought the stuff they aired was already inappropriate, what they edited was WAY over the line, even for them. Edited out.

Everything was filed out of order, then edited back together. Filming started with the Christina Agulera and ended with AFI, the show obviously edits everything seamlessly. Fixed.

Wil Ferrell messed up during the end of his talk as his Nascar character, accidentally calling sponsor Starburst by the name Starbucks. Edited out.

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves went on much longer and their dialogue ranged from moderately funny to pretty rough. The final edit made them look pretty funny, which surprised me. The wonders of television!

Kate Beckinsale tripped making her way across the stage. Forgot about the little step down just in front of the mic. The cameras were pointed at the nominees and not on her at the moment

The Spike Lee tribute was much longer and uncut. In the cut of the show, it was rightfully edited down and tied to LL Cool J’s voiceover.

The angels coming out took much longer than they showed. There were at least 60 of them, and it took several minutes for them to fill the stage. In the final cut of the show, everyone found their places amazingly fast.

Good times … pretty base thing to be at, I know. I’ll post some reaction to the show, a screenshot of me at the show and some observations from being there that I think may surprise.