Today’s South Bend Tribune talks a bit about student ministry and the internet. I know many churches that are afraid of it – folks, it’s here to stay and will only deepen the installed base as the days go on. Get on board before it’s too hard to catch up!

The Rev. Dave Daye finds the Internet a useful, though time-consuming, tool for working with young people at Trinity Evangelical Free Church in South Bend.

“It’s a way to meet them on their turf,” the youth pastor says. The church youth group has its own Web site where members can go to find information, download registration forms and permission slips, look at photos taken at recent events, and chat with one another in a forum just for members and registered guests.

“I personally love the forum on,” youth group member Libby White says via an e-mail to The Tribune. She likes that she can discuss her relationship with God with people her own age in a safe forum. “I still talk on the phone, but it’s nice to have an open discussion with several of my friends from my church.”

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