Start 2017 Strong

New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. We should know…we got to Leviticus in our “Read Through the Bible” plan and it all came to a grinding halt. So much detail about the temple. So many sacrifices. (We may have said some ceremonially unclean words at one point out of frustration…)

Hopefully, your resolutions are off to a stronger start–way to go if you’ve already dropped 20 pounds and finished the Old Testament! Either way, we’re here to help you keep one resolution we know you strongly believe in: spending more time on what’s important in ministry. Maybe, for you, this means building up your volunteer leaders, partnering with parents, or making your budget dollars go further…well, the DYM Membership (a.k.a. the “Best Deal in the History of Youth Ministry”) can help you do all of this AND more!

The DYM Membership. Focus on the things only you can do and let us help you do the rest.

What’s Included?

With the DYM Gold Membership you get these NINE things EVERY MONTH:

$20 in store credit—that’s right, you get your money back EVERY MONTH—to use on anything you want…because you know exactly what you need.

Programming Resources

1 brand new high-quality, silly, relevant, or creative slide- or video-based game.

1 brand new video (from encouraging to ridiculous) available exclusively to DYM Members.

DYM Games™ app
Unrestricted access to a game- building and presentation tool with a growing digital library of engaging, reusable and customizable games.


Student Leadership
New curriculum designed to challenge student leaders to change the way they think about serving.

Mentor Me
A 20-minute audio interview with an experienced leader, hosted by Josh Griffin.

Video Volunteer Training
A 10-minute video training from a veteran youth worker (Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, and others) to help develop your leaders.


DYM Newsletter™ app
Unrestricted access to the only newsletter builder built specifically for ministry.

DYM Text™
Access to a free, members-only group texting plan on DYM’s group text tool.


Mystery Item
Anything from incredible curriculum by partnering ministries to major discounts on conferences—it’s always different and always awesome.

Become a DYM Member Today!

Become a Member Now!

If you become a DYM Gold Yearly Member anytime in the month of January, you’ll be entered to win one of three AMAZING prizes into our Gold Rush 2017 contest:

         1st PrizeA FREE Registration to DYM100. You’ll be the first to be officially registered for this exclusive event. No need to panic about getting one of only 100 spots available—yours will be guaranteed! What is DYM100, you ask? Learn more about the event HERE. It’s definitely one youth ministry event you won’t want to miss!

         2nd Prize – $250 in DYM Store Credit. Outfit your ministry with the perfect resources to start the New Year.

         3rd PrizeSomething stolen from Doug’s office. You never know what treasures are hidden away in Doug’s home-away-from-Del Taco, but Josh will make sure he smuggles out something great just for you!

Become a DYM Member Today!