One of the questions I think I get asked about the most is social media. I won’t lie, I think we have a good social media presence (check it out here). I don’t mind those questions because I spend a lot of time on our social media to make sure it’s constantly being updated and interactive. I truly believe that new students will check out your social media before they ever step foot on your campus for service or small groups. So we want to make sure it looks good, is portraying our ministry accurately and looks good as well.

I feel like the biggest complaint about not having a good social media presence is how often you need to post and keep up with it. Yes, I won’t lie, it does take a lot… but it’s worth it.

The best thing for consistency is having a plan so you know what types of things you should be posting. At a minimum, we post once a day on the main feed. We try to post more because of the algorithm works, not everyone will see every post so we want to get more content out there so the chances of them seeing it goes up.

Below is a basic plan I try to keep to that allows us to keep it going daily. Maybe it’s something you can try as well.

  • Sunday    Highlight a leader or student’s testimony. Easy way to share stories and stories are powerful.
  • Monday Monday Devo (done by leaders or students). A quick devotional to start the week off right.
  • Tuesday Hint at what types of things are coming tomorrow for service. Students love behind the scenes stuff. So whether it’s a game or a sermon illustration, get them guessing what is going to be happening tomorrow.
  • Wednesday Post series graphic and teaching teaser and invite someone.
  • Thursday Recap of the message points/video. You can check out an example HERE.
  • Friday  Humor. Something funny and engaging. Check out an example HERE.
  • Saturday Free game…. Post whatever you want.

Half of the battle is knowing what to post and when. Now you have a plan.