For every believer there should be a special place in your heart and in your faith for communion. Not only does the eucharist represent what Jesus has done for us on the cross but it’s the fact that Jesus said to remember Him by doing these specific actions. They are holy and meaningful. The other night I had my small group of high school seniors partake in communion. It was amazing. I wrote some thoughts on why I think it is so important for at some point of your group’s time, they should do communion together.

You get to fully explain it: I think explaining what communion is during services (whether you do it every week or just once in a while) is great, but all students might not be fully engaged and could miss something. Because communion and it’s symbolism is so meaningful, I want to make sure my boys know what it means. So being able to have their attention and go through the Scripture and being able to explain it and have then ask questions is huge a huge win.

It is more intimate: I don’t want to discredit any camp experiences, because I love camp, but it’s a crowd and there are tons of people around. I think there was such a difference when it was out group, in a quiet home, with no one else around. It felt even more intimate than it did in a camp setting. It was so great. We spent a few minutes praying to God for thanks and then spent a few minutes in prayer for each other and then we passed out the bread and the juice and we prayed as group and took the elements. The guys loved it and all of them commented about how they never have experienced something like that before and we were able to debrief it a little bit after. It was incredible.

We are showing students the importance: Students follow us as leaders. If we show them how to stop and reflect on Christ and what He has done for us on the cross, then they will see how important it is for them to do the same. Our students are so busy now, some have busier schedules than I do. But when we are able to stop the craziness of life and stop and reflect we can really look back in our lives and reflect on how God has already moved in such a huge way. Teaching our students to do this and to show them the meaning of communion is a great teaching, reflecting, and growing moment you can have with your group.

How often do you do communion? Every week? Once in a while? Just at camp?