If you’re part of our Simply Youth Ministry podcast team/family, you know that we recorded episode 150 back in December and we’ve failed to do a new one within the first 3 weeks of 2011. Matt McGill & I explain where we’ve been and why we haven’t recorded episode 151. If you’re not a part of “team podcast” don’t waste your time on this video. Instead, head over to Matt’s blog and watch an episode of Matt McGill Sports Instructional Video.

Well, there it is! As you saw, there’s great reasons for our delay. We’ll be back soon. If you haven’t heard/watched an episode, you can read a little about the podcast here or download one of 150 on itunes–either VIDEO or AUDIO. “It’s just enough youth ministry so you don’t feel guilty for listening at work.”

In the meantime, send your questions to [email protected] and we’ll connect with you soon.