We finished the latest installment of the SYM podcast this afternoon, pretty good show I think that’s lots of fun. As always, there’s a little bit of actual content packed in around the edges of the box.

Want to get the show early? You can … here’s the sneaky way that some of you may have already figured out. On the main podcast page, you’ll find an archive. The links all work something like this:


All you have to do is substitute the next episode number (example podcast_013.asp) and you might discover an early treat. You might be able to download the episode early, or perhaps even peruse the links while they are in progress. This week, as an example, you could download the audio early and see all of the links almost 24 hours before everyone else. Wild, eh?

Just a little nugget of goodness for the podcast junkies out there. You know who you are.