Next month we start a new series in Mariners JH called “How to NOT Get Grounded” and I get to kick it off with the first message. Since this is a completely new teaching series, I wrote what I call a “series arc” helping figure out the vision for the series and help each communicator land on target. HEre’s where we’re headed in February:

WEEK 1: [wisdom] Make Good Choices
You can’t go over to your friends house. You have to come straight home after school. No more Fortnite for two weeks. Your phone is taken away. There’s nothing worse than getting grounded! But when you make unwise decisions, you have to face the consequences! My mom always told me as I walked out the door … “make good choices” and there’s so much wisdom in that! This series kicks off with a message on wisdom so you can be sure doesn’t happen to you! [Indiana Jones, “he chose … wisely”]

Proverbs WEEK 2: [humility] Take Responsibility and Be Humble
So let’s say you haven’t always made good choices, In fact, now you’ve gotten into trouble … It happens! We’ll help you the rest of the series to makes ure you don’t get into trouble in the first place, but if you understand the important step of taking responsiblity for what you’ve done it’ll help you ease the pain (and probably the length) of the time you’re grounded. Your reaction will have a HUGE impact on the punishment. Having a humble heart recognizing you’ve messed up will go a long way. Humility always wins! R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Your attitude can make it way better or way worse.

WEEK 3: [integrity] Plan Ahead, Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Twice, and Know Your Parents Triggers
Want to not get grounded? Be wise in how you use your time. If you’re got a big project coming up, it’s a bad idea to wait until the end of the Be a person of your word. Did you get asked to take out the trash but forgot because you loaded into the next level of your video game? Supposed to get something done before your parents got home? Be a person that others can rely on. Build trust with your parents.

WEEK 4: [friendship] Surround yourself with Good Friends
You want to NOT get grounded? Who you hang around with is HUGE. They have incredible influence on you and you need to realize how susceptible you are to temptation and sin and stupidity. We’re going to take a look at friends that are good to have, good to avoid and really focus on the kind of friend you should be to others.

Excited for this one!