Here’s where we’re heading in Mariners Junior High this March. I like to map out the 5 weeks in advance to give speakers (and myself) direction for the series. This month we’re covering a chapter each week from the book of James. Going to be fun!

5 Ways to be Awesome
New JH series this March!

WEEK 1 – James 1 Be a Person of Character
In this series kickoff we’ll talk about how troubles build your character and reveal who you are. And how troubles, trials and temptations that we’ll face shape us as we follow Jesus. It would be awesome for a student to share her story facing, and she shared how she did/is trusting Jesus through it all.

WEEK 2 – James 2 Be a Person Who Serves
This weekend we’ll build on the section of James 2 where he talks about good works flowing from a life of faith. How that faith is dead without evidence of a changed life in our actions and outlook. We looked at the roadblocks of why we choose not to serve (outright selfishness was my admission) and offered students several practical ways to get involved in serving at Mariners and also outside the church walls in the community.

WEEK 3 – James 3 Be a Person Who Controls Their Mouth
Words are a powerful force for both destruction and building people up. This week we’ll look at the mouth and how words are an indicator of our heart and what the words of a follower of Jesus look like.

WEEK 4 – James 4 Be Person Who Is Humble
Humility is lacking severely in the world today, so we’ll look at how the humble person lives their life and decide if it is the way Jesus would want us to live. We’ll talk about the opposite of humility as well, and challenge students to practically walk in humility this week!

WEEK 5 – James 5 Be a Person Who Prays
What is prayer and how does it work? We pray for meals and for sick people, but does it really do anything? The books of James talks specifically about prayer and rescuing people with our prayers and with our actions. Include a clear plan of salvation and emphasize how followers of Jesus to pray earnestly out of a sincere and right heart.