Today I’m at Chic-Fil-A for lunch and taking some alone time to get caught up.

Not just on my follow-up file in my Outlook, which is nice to see dwindling, too – but getting caught up with God, too. I’ve realized that while I’m not really spiritually dry, I do need Him in a special way for some life decisions I need to make soon. Whenever I stand in a position like this, I’m less of a list guy and like to go with my heart. I see pros and cons as a moment in time present or past, that hardly bring into account what you will bring into the table in the new day. I like to look at a particular culture and then dream about what it could be.

But whether you’re a list person or not, we all need spiritual guidance. I want God to show me intellectually on a list, emotionally with my heart and spiritually with His divine guidance. Then, and only then, can I be at true peace with a big decision.

As I read some Scripture this morning during this process, I found the very first verse I read exactly what I needed. Thanks for that, God.

We can gather our thoughts,
but the Lord gives the right answer.
Proverbs 16:1 (NLT)