Weekend Teaching Series: The Need Movement (1-off, guest speaker)
Sermon in a Sentence: Share your faith with your friends
Service Length: 60 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend we brought in a guest speaker Riley Mailman to challenge students to share their faith. That they needed to have a burden for their fellow students and that burden should motivate them to follow and share Christ. It was a great challenge woven into his own personal story and his learnings while writing his book, The Need Movement.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We had a ton of fun this week – we played Sit Down If into World Cup Name Game and both were a huge hit. Sometimes we fail to have students volunteer for a game up front (or we have the same 2 every week) so we used Sit Down If to get us down to a couple and then let them go head to head in the up front trivia game. Worked perfectly, everyone had a blast!

Music Playlist: We Are the Free, Christ is Enough, Take It All, Oceans, Divine and Holy

Favorite Moment: I’ve been wanting to have Riley speak since I saw him at the Student Leadership Conference. So good! Great message.

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