Weekend Teaching Series: Transformed (church-wide campaign, week 0 of 7)
Sermon in a Sentence: What are the roadblocks that keep us from being Transformed by Jesus.
Service Length: 69 minutes

Understandable Message: This week we had a big twist to our regularly scheduled plans! Pastor Rick decided to delay the official start of the Transformed church-wide campaign a week, so we jumped into gear with 48 hours to go before the service. At Saddleback, I always say you have to be flexible or it will break you – and this was one of the larger tests we’ve had of that statement in a while! I’m proud of the way everyone responded and jumped to make things happen – especially Justin who wrote an introduction talk since I was going to be away at a wedding rehearsal. Justin talked about the roadblocks of a transformed life, and did a great job setting the stage for the campaign.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: We played a fun game of Rock, Paper Scissors … Pie! and kicked off a fun Olympic themed-game series pitting the classes against each other. There’s always natural energy/angst between the grades, so we trying to capitalizing on it for this series. Lots of student greeters,

Music Playlist: Wake, Divine and Holy, From the Inside Out, Grace

Favorite Moment: I was proud of our team for jumping into action at the last minute most of all. We also tried a new “after service event” called Extreme Bingo that was completely epic and fun, too!

Up next: 50 Days of Transformation (church-wide campaign, week 1 of 7)