Welcome 4
Weekend Teaching Series: Fact or Fiction? (week 2)
Sermon in a Sentence: Is Jesus really God? Was he a liar, lunatic or Lord?
Service Length: 75 minutes

Understandable Message: In this middle of our apologetics series we had Sean McDowell speak to our students about Jesus really being the Savior of the world. Like every year, he was super! He equipped our students with valuable knowledge, resources, and tips on how to have know who Jesus was and what He claimed to be. He is a masterful teacher and balanced facts with reasoning and heart. Loved it! If you haven’t already, check out the book he co-wrote with his father Josh McDowell, More Than a Carpenter. It is a resource that we give to any student interested in apologetics!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: My buddy Parker and I created Total Recall for our youth group (it is available in Games here on DYM as well) and the game was a huge hit. We played it as a crowd-participation game with no real prizes, just laughs and fun. It was GREAT! We had a bunch of fun and had tons of student involvement serving in all areas, too!

Music Playlist: Divine and Holy, Scandal of Grace, He is Alive

Favorite Moment: After the service we did a live music video recording of He is Alive, one of our youth group’s favorite songs. It was a ton of fun – I’ll be sure to post it here on the blog when it is finished!

Up next: Fact or Fiction (week 3, series finale)