Weekend Teaching Series: Promotion Weekend: Here Come the Freshman (1-off)
Sermon in a Sentence: What I wish I knew in high school.
Service Length: 65 minutes

Understandable Message: This weekend we had some fun welcoming in our new freshman into HSM. This weekend we had several speakers from our team all share the one thing they wish they knew from high school. The idea was to share some great insights with our freshman to help them as they transition to HSM, but honestly to also challenge all students to walk with Jesus and survive this challenging part of their life. Lots of different topics from lots of different types of students-now-leaders. Identity, church involvement, sharing faith with friends and many more in quick 4-minute bursts!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: The freshman are here! We had fun in this service to help ease their transition from junior high. We replayed a classic freshman music video we made last fall, and had some fun bringing up freshman against the upperclassmen. The highlight was Freshman Feud, a fun contestant game where the freshman always won. So no matter what they answered to any question -it was always right! It was hilarious to totally rig the game and have someone typing their answers in immediately before we showed the answer on the screen. Made for some hilarious moments for sure and the freshman WON instead of getting HAZED.

Music Playlist: Go, Let It Be Known, Closer, How He Loves

Favorite Moment: Loved having Katie Edwards (our junior high pastor) come over at the beginning of each service and “hand off” a few key freshman to me personally. The Wildside team has done an incredible job preparing these students to head into high school. Pumped about the next 4 years ahead!

Up next: IMPACT weekend (1-off on serving)