I get fatigued easily. Not just because I went up a flight of stairs and weigh 287 pounds. I get fatigued hearing myself speak. You see, I say the same things over and over and over again.

What am I repeating? Glad you asked. Just for the record it was coming either way:

The MISSION of our student ministry
Simply put this is the WHY we exist. Why are we here? What are we trying to accomplish?

The VISION of our student ministry
This is HOW we’re going to get there. It takes our mission and puts it into bite-sized goals. It is what we believe is going to take to accomplish our mission.

The VALUES of our student ministry
This is our style, our feel and the way we minister. These describe the type of people who I believe God will lead to our ministry. These are the type of people that I believe are in our volunteer meeting. And if they’re not, either they aren’t a fit or they’re on there way to be … or out altogether.

OK, I felt guilty. All this business-speak and tactical stuff made me convicted for just a minute. We want to repeat over and over again that this ministry is all about Jesus. All about the life-change only He can bring. I can never get fatigued about this one … repeat, repeat and then repeat again the story of our amazing Jesus.

Whew! Sorry for the Jesus juke at the end there. Wasn’t my plan when I outlined the blog post. Needed that for my own heart … hope it hits you where you need it, too!

What else are you repeating? Share another one now!