One of the things I hate most are cold sores. They prevent me from doing one of my favorite things…eating.

This got me thinking though:

A cold sore is so small. It is barely noticeable (sometimes). It can make some of the easiest things the most painful thing ever. Eating, something that we do every day, becomes so complicated and painful because of this tiny little sore that comes around just out of no where. Talking, another thing that is a daily thing that we do to communicate to others, hurts so bad because the sore is rubbing against your tooth. It’s so small yet it causes so much pain.

Sin, is a cold sore. Big or small, its a cold sore. We go about our lives daily, sometimes we develop a cold sore in our lives that can be debilitating. Something so small, that seems almost invisible, can bring us to our knees in pain.

One of the ways you can contract a cold sore it sharing something that an infected person had, like a drink, or even kissing. Same with sin. We tend to fall into sin because we are sharing in the same things that others are doing as well; following in their sin. Small or big, sin is sin and a cold sore is a cold sore.

On webMD it says there is no cure for a cold sore. If you get one, you will always get them, the virus stays in your body for life. Unlike a cold sore, sin doesn’t have to have this affect with us. There is a cure. It is Jesus Christ.

Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

We are washed clean of all sores, of all sins. We are without blemish when we come in front of Jesus, confess, and acknowledge him into our lives. With Easter coming up, it is the perfect example of Him dying on the cross for our sin, and then resurrecting 3 days later to defeat death. His death cured our sores.