I think some people will over-react to this news article in the Clarion Ledger talking about emphasizing other methodology over preaching. My guess is the author of the article used a clever title over accuracy, though I might be wrong. Anyhow, methodology to complement preaching is a complete emphasis, it definitely wouldn’t be wise to replace it altogether. Here’s a clip:

Dressed in an athletic shirt, sports pants and sneakers, the Rev. Charles Holbrook bounded into the fellowship hall at Lynch Street Christian Methodist Episcopal Church ready to deliver an important lesson to his congregation’s youth.

“The purpose of this session is to nudge you all to consider the possibility that other possibilities exist,” Holbrook said, introducing a Saturday class on critical thinking. “Sometimes we find someone tells us something as the gospel and we never question it.”

While most faith groups provide children with some type of formal religious education, many also impact youth through an array of social, civic and learning
activities. Ministers who work with young people say these programs not only keep teens out of trouble, but they’re critical to helping them form their moral center.

“It’s a holistic ministry,” Holbrook said. “We’re not just preaching and praying but developing a ministry where we can affect the entire life of an individual.”