In my last post I went through the “Four F’s” that we have challenged all of our leaders to do this year in regards to our Wednesday nights and small groups (read it HERE before continuing to read). One of my favorite things we did in this training was give out our new leader badges with their names on one side and the image above on the other.

If what we want is for our leaders to answer “YES” to the questions that go along with these for “F’s”, we want them to see the goals every single week.

The best ways for leaders to hit the targets we want them to hit is to continue to cast that vision and remind in a practical way of what we value as a ministry. We want to make it memorable. When they remember it, they know it. They know it and they will most likely do it.

Put the wins in plain site.

The best way is to put it around their neck as a weekly reminder. HA!

It’s simple but I think effective as well.

Oh the QR code you ask? That is for another post coming later, but in a nutshell it’s something we have for when a new student comes on campus we have a automated follow up system for following up.