This past weekend we played an old classic but played it with a new twist. I got to co-host our young adults getaway and had so much fun. We played a few games all weekend but this one was by far the best. We have discovered that students love to re-claim old things and make it their own so we thought we would give BINGO a try. Let me just say, it went way better than expected. The energy was high, students were screaming with joy and pain as they either got to stay in the game or they were out for that round.

Here are the basics to the game of Extreme Bingo:

  • As students entered the room, they were given one card and a pen. We played 7 games and once one game was over, leaders would go around and pass out new cards to everyone during a 2-minute break.
  • For the most part, it’s regular bingo. Spin the wheel, pull the number, read it out, mark it if you have it.
  • Here is the EXTREME part, every 5 pulls of a number, we would play  “Boxes Of Doom”. Basically, Sidekick made us look awesome and it was easy to put in and make it look good. Each slot had a different scenario on it and it would eliminate groups of people at a time or make them do certain things.

  • We would clarify for an ALL PLAY or some of them we would pull BOXES OF DOOM and then pull a number. If they played that number next, they would need to complete the task before continuing to play. We would just keep pulling numbers. WE WAIT FOR NO ONE.
  • After a few games the number of pulls of the numbers would lesson, so we would spin the wheel after 4 times, then 3, then the last one 2. It was hilarious as students got out how into it they were. It was so fun. They would scream and throw their cards and would watch until someone would win. It was pandemonium, but it was so good.
  • When they would get out or eliminated, they would simply throw their card on the ground and they would be out for the rest of that round. They would be able to get a new card after that particular and be in for the next game for a chance to win the next prize. So if you got out in one game, you still can play in the remaining rounds.
  • I think some of my favorite DOOMS would have to be (keep in mind, this was for young adults, we were able to get away with a little more than we would if it were high school students… we were all adults):
    • Wardrobe Change: They would have to go and change into an entirely new outfit before being able to continue to play.
    • Jump in the pool…. classic.
    • Who did you vote for? Because what is more awkward than a political convo?
    • Massage the person to your right for the rest of the round.

Here is our list of DOOMS in which students would need to do or how they would get out for that round:

Small Example of what it could look like:

Video Aug 12, 9 22 33 PM

To be honest with you, that’s about it. It was such a fun but easy idea to pull off and it went over so well. We sped through the rounds and we got done in about an hour or so.

If you have any other questions about the game (because I was not specific enough for you, sorry I tried) leave a comment for all to see and I’ll do my best to answer it for you. Overall, really easy, really simple, really fun and really easy to make it your own and have fun with your group.

Download this game for your group HERE!