Just got a note from a youth pastor who is taking PDYM overseas this week. Pretty cool stuff!

Hey Josh,

Karibo from Tanzania! I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that I gave away the first set of PDYM books today. Paul, a masai (tribe) man studying to be a pastor at Tulani University in Iringa, was VERY appreciative of the gift. He was SO EXCITED! I took a picture, and blogged about it, too.

Please pass this email along to Doug Fields thanking him from Paul. He said that he wanted to say thank you for the free book. The moment I gave it to him, he started reading it. In fact, he is reading it right now! Thanks again PDYM!

Thanks Josh! Our time here is great! We are drilling wells for villiages and spending time with the amazing people of Tanzania. We are now heading out for a Safari.

Super cool stuff. Take PDYM on your next mission trip! You can read more and see a picture of Paul from Chris’ blog here.