Every 2 weeks I have been sharing some all of our segments, bits, videos on the blog to share with you with what our team has been doing but also hoping it could spark some ideas in your own ministry to make them bigger and better.

In all honesty, this season has been tough but it really has caused us to be more creative than ever and I feel as weeks go by our programming and the ability to produce the stuff has gotten easier and easier.

I won’t lie to you, before all this, my role was not to be in the weeds of programming but to help, guide and coach our youth leads to create the best programs at their campuses. Since moving to all online, I am the main programer/producer and it’s been quite a turn around. Thankfully the people I get to serve with are incredible and they help me out and make it look easy.

So enjoy and I hope these could be helpful to you and your ministry in this season.

Thank You Notes

Speak Out – Mouth Stretching Game

Good Neighbors – Serving Those In Our Neighborhoods

Bags Of Doom

Sermon Recap