I love good ideas! Every once in a while I stumble across an idea that stuns me… and Razoo is one of these ideas!

Josh Griffin, the king of free T-shirts, wore a Razoo T-shirt to a recent podcast and I didn’t know what it was. When I asked him about it, I figured he’d tell me some dumb story about meeting some guy at a conference and getting a free shirt. Well, not this time. After he told me about Razoo.com, I had to look into it! I’m so excited to share this new service with you.

If you ever go on a mission trip or have kids in your youth group who do, I highly encourage you to use this service.

Going on a mission trip is an incredible experience, but it also takes a ton of work. That’s where Razoo.com comes in—it’s a new website for raising money online. Here’s what Razoo will do to make our job easier:

1. Razoo helps students catch the vision: As you try to help students catch the vision for your trip, Razoo provides a “hub” where teenagers can connect with your vision and begin fundraising.

2. Razoo raises the funds: Razoo makes fundraising easy by providing a place for students to tell their story, get the word out, and accept donations. It also allows the point person to keep track of everyone’s fundraising progress.

3. Razoo saves leaders time: Razoo does all the tax-deductible receipts and provides a downloadable report of all donations. This helps leaders have more time to pray, plan, and prepare.

4. Razoo keeps everyone in the loop: Parents and church members who don’t go on the trip can stay updated on the mission trip. Razoo becomes the mission trip headquarters.

5. Razoo appreciates supporters: As two of my own kids are currently in Africa on the support of others, I always tell them, “Be sure to thank your supporters.” With Razoo, each time someone donates, a thank you video can be played. Supporters can be emotionally involved by following updates and pictures.

There are no set up fees and no subscription fees on Razoo. To get started, it’s real easy to create a team–TRY IT HERE. It’s very fast! What’s the catch? That’s what I was thinking too. Here’s a direct quote off of their FAQ page for individuals: “We provide our great fundraising resources at a low, flat rate of 2.9% to help cover credit card processing fees.” I’ll take that all day long.

Give me feedback HERE. What do you think of this idea?

PS: I’m hoping to get a free T-shirt too.