It’s that time of the year in which we take a good look at our ministry and begin to work through our 2019 goals… or in our church what we call OKR’s.

OKR’s = Objectives and Key Results.

In reality, they are pretty simple and straight forward. You are not supposed to have too many of them, but big overarching objectives that should drive you to do what you do, stretch you but should be reachable for your ministry. It is basically the goals of the year and how you are going to reach those goals both on a team level and you as an individual are going to help push your ministry towards those goals.

Here how ours are laid out and how we brought it down between our ministry, our team, and individual. Now I want to point out, it shouldn’t matter the size of your ministry or team (team = staff or core volunteers). Having goals that help drive the ministry and making goals for the ministry and individually will only help you move forward.

I will be meeting with our people and setting them up to have conversations about their individual pieces to help move the big OKR’s forward. We will write them down and we will track them throughout the year to make sure we are on track.

OKR #1: Average weekly attendance between both campuses of 450 students

  • San Dimas – 350
  • Etiwanda – 120
  • West Covina – Begin bussing from new campus to San Dimas

Team How’s:

  • Have 90 leaders serving – Current: 74
  • 1:5 ratio of students to leaders
  • 4 Strategic after service events that are not One Nights or You Own The Nights

My How’s (How am I personally going to help reach this goal in this area)

  • Create a teaching team so Sean or myself can go to Etiwanda at least once a month to help out and give feedback
  • Work with future WC Campus pastor to hire a go-getter student pastor
  • Create a plan to retain a high percentage of the new 6th/7th grade class coming in June

OKR #2: 65% of midweek attendance in community groups – Current: 57%

Team How’s:

  • Recruit and establish 40 community group leaders

My How’s (How am I personally going to help reach this goal in this area)

  • Highlight group testimonies at least once a month via social media
  • Create a better mid-year onramp for students to sign up to groups
  • Use The Rock to trach how long/if new students get plugged in
  • Sell out summer camp. Expand our core.
  • Have an immediate follow-up and sign-ups for groups when students step foot off the bus from camp

ORK #3: 200 students serving on a consistent basis

Team How’s:

  • Provide 2 main opportunities during the midweek a year for students to be exposed to serving opportunities and have them sign up to serve.

My How’s (How am I personally going to help reach this goal in this area)

  • Use The Rock to begin to actively track how many students are currently serving
  • Highlight students who are serving consistently in sermons or social media

I like this process. It seems to work for me and our team. I would love to hear how you go about goal setting in your ministry with your people. Let me know below.

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