Two events happen in John chapter 2: Jesus makes wine at a wedding and Jesus makes a whip at the Temple. Here are some observations:

Both events happened at a house, although I’m assuming the wedding celebration was at a house. Jesus referred to the temple as “my father’s house.”

Both occasions were positive: a party celebrating a marriage; and worship at the temple celebrates God’s faithfulness.

Jesus was reactive to Mary’s request to make the wine, but Jesus was “active” in the temple, not responding to another person.

Jesus added something to the wedding (wine); while at the temple he removed the sellers and what they were selling.

At the wedding, a sign was given freely; at the temple a sign was demanded from the people.

John’s “summary statements:” wedding: Jesus revealed his glory, and the disciples had faith in him. temple: Jesus didn’t entrust himself to the people (he didn’t put “his faith” in them) for he knew what was in a man.


There are, of course, lots of implications from these two events. What’s common to both events is that we see Jesus acting to draw people closer to himself. He is worthy of our faith and trust. We ought to live surrendered lives in the midst of life’s regular rhythms—both silly and serious—wither we are celebrating at a party or worshiping God somewhere in spirit and in truth. In the midst of the silly, we can still be looking to serve others (like Mary) and we can still find opportunities to trust Jesus (like the disciples). In the midst of the serious, we must be careful to watch the way we worship. Impure motives can enter anything we do.