If you haven’t figured out the cadence to the new releases on Download Youth Ministry yet, every Tuesday we load up the store with new youth ministry goodness for you to check out. If it looks like it will help your ministry, that’s what we’re all about! Helping Youth Workers Win.

Here’s a few highlights of some of the fun games that have come out the past couple weeks:


Total Recall – Parker and I made this fun screen game with some classic funny videos and follow-up questions. We played it this week in our high school ministry with great success. Super fun, easy winner. Volume 2 is already in the works! $10


Name That Mustache is the winner of DYM’s 1st Annual Game Contest! Great game showing you a famous ‘stache and asking if you know the owner. Really simple, fun winning game. $3


Dumbledore or Proverbs is one of the best-selling games this month, another winner from Aaron Helman. $3

Enjoy all of the new stuff on DYM this week, especially these fun games!