We just got these in and I am stoked about it. Chris Avery, our junior high pastor, came up with a great idea for our leaders and students who made a decision for Jesus. Out team then jumped in and made these videos as a quick next steps and moving forward point.

In the leader starter kit we have:

It’s just a great way to set up our leaders really well for their first Wednesday with us. We even plan to have these on our weekends so if someone is interested in leading, we can just hand them this and tell them to turn in the application when they are done. Should be a really fun, easy and effective way to on ramp our leaders into our ministry.

In our First Gear bag, for students who just made a decision to follow Jesus we have:

Again, this is a great way to answer the question, “Now What?”.

We roll these out in 2 weeks after our big leader meeting and I couldn’t be more excited about it.